Carnival Star on Gothic Visions V

News released today (16th January 2014) will see the inclusion of Carnival Star on the future Spring release of the fifth in the series of “Gothic Visions” released through Echozone and distributed globally by various geographical distributors.

Being a new start project, having only released our debut material in October 2013 and with future material released in the coming weeks, being invited by Echozone boss Jörg Tochtenhagen to include a track on the next compilation release is a big deal. This is a fantastic opportunity  for Carnival Star to share the stage with top acts from around the world.

“Besides well known bands like The 69 Eyes, Epica and The Mission, the fourth volume of the series took a musical journey into a lot of classic influences and also modern tunes, which represents an extensive overview of the many different styles the independent, dark and alternative music  genre has to offer.”

Full featured combined DVD & CD release – Gothic Visions is unlike other compilations out there and to be included on the line-up is a great honour and a fantastic start to 2014!

This year will also see the release of the first full Carnival Star album and also a bonus EP coming soon – further details on the EP to be released soon (watch this space or our social media pages for more).

The journey has only just started and we’re meeting some “interesting” people and working with others who we could never have dreamed of working with before all this started. 2014 could just be a great year – maybe even an epic one!


Introducing Zach Wiser

Based in Oklahoma USA, Zach is the singer, songwriter and guitarist with The Secret Post and we’re delighted to finally be able to introduce you to him as a very welcome guest vocalist with Carnival Star.
Read more…

Introducing Natassa D.

Carnival Star is delighted to introduce you to Natassa D. – Natassa is a full member of the carnival and although her contribution cannot be heard on any of the music coming your way her work is just as important.

Based in Greece, Natassa adds a highly visual impact to what we do. We we’re introduced a few months ago thanks to the ever guiding hand of Liquid Grey and it was our great pleasure that Natassa agreed to join the show and add her visuals to help illustrate the music. Read more…

Site Launch

It’s started!

With the imminent release of the debut tracks from Carnival Star, work has finished on setting up the foundations of our web site.

Unfortunately for early visitors we have hidden some of the categories and pages until the release of the two singles. However, anyone who would like to have a little browse around will find some images, information and links to a few things to get it all started. Read more…

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