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Carnival Star can best be described as a musical collective – a collaboration of many musicians from around the world contributing to create a unique and different project.

The Debut releases of “Black Rain Down” & “My Coreen” were both released this Halloween 2013 to critical acclaim from the UK, USA and Sweden to name but a few countries.

“Black Rain Down’ gives a respectful nod to the point where Post-punk and Goth were at its peak, replete with 21st Century polish and drive.”

Cruel Britannia – Pheonix Radio | Nightbreed Radio


“Both songs grove with the time and in my experience, this makes Carnival Star’s music more long-living and timeless.“

DJ Valhalla – OnAir Tunes | GothTune


“Overall, these are two very good songs and if you like HIM, The Mission or The Sisters of Mercy you will like Carnival Star.”

Mark Sharpley – Fourculture Magazine


Both tracks can be downloaded free of charge from



RELEASE DATE : Oct 31st 2013


A musical collective of alternative, goth, rock & indie musicians from around the world brought together to breathe life into the work of Carnival Star.

Carnival Star, it could be said, started life in the late 80′s when founder and heart of the project first started playing live, producing, recording and working in the live circuit behind the mixer of other bands.

Various line-ups and demos were recorded – some very rough and others with some time spent on them, but in ’93 it was all over and the studio, equipment and instruments were packed away and it was over.

But music was never far away and 2013 sees the launch and start of an entirely new project – and a ‘project’ is the best way to describe Carnival Star.

It may be the music of one man – but “no man is an island” and the calling of dark friends from countries as far apart as Norway, Germany, Greece, Sweden, USA, Canada and England will bring together talent from various sources to breathe life and soul into the music of Carnival Star.

“Bringing vocalists, co-producers, visual artists as well as business & media promoters, old school sound techs and engineers – future releases from Carnival  Star are going to be very interesting.”

Influences in the music of Carnival Star stem from many diverse sources:

From classical composers like Prokofiev, Rachmaninoff & Beethoven  through to strong 80’s influences from the likes of Fields of The Nephilim, Sisters of Mercy, Rose of Avalanche & The Cult.

DJ’s and bloggers around the world have likened some tracks they’ve heard to bands like Ikon, The Mission, HIM, The Cure and many others.

A familiar sound is to be found in Carnival Star’s music but with twists and turns along the way.

Carnival Star collaborates closely with the guest performers on tracks and in opening the doors to musicians from other  countries, cultures, styles and genres this too adds to the collective sound of Carnival Star and takes the music into further areas experimenting with a wide range of vocal and playing styles .

“The work we are doing draws on a sound scape that will make for a unique album of collaboration having so many people involved… ”

‘MASKS’ – the debut album – is currently in the demo stages with songs and music being passed around the globe to musicians and vocalists from a wide range of countries.

From guitar solo’s to drums tracks – backing vocals to guitar solos and of course lead vocals from male and female voices from various genres.

Demo material is continually aired to various selected DJ’s and  music producers  for opinion and input.

Reaction to tracks is more than positive and this will help produce an album that is not only diverse in its contributors  but also unique in style.

Due for release within the first half of 2014 – ‘MASKS ‘ will be available as a digital download and physical CD.

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