Zach Wiser

Zachariah Wiser has been writing and recording music for many years and continues to do so with The Secret Post, a band which we have a great deal of respect and admiration for.

Knowing the sound and style of Zach’s work – and that of the band in full – it was really a chance not to be missed in asking him if he’d like to take a vocal role within Carnival Star. With a handful of early demo’s, and with already having Zach in mind before asking, there was one track in particular that felt obvious would be perfect for him.

As with any collaboration the early days are nerve racking, especially when you add 4,343 miles (give or take a few) between those collaborating. All you can do is communicate a few ideas and hope that everyone understands and “gets it”. Zach “got it” and took the track into a new world by adding an excellent vocal.


“When I was approached with the honor of working on a song for Carnival Star, I was blown away.

I jumped at the chance.

When I got the preview of the song, I knew it was meant for me to sing it… the lyrics were already stirring in the first 30 seconds and I had a really good time recording and writing the lyrics.

I can’t wait to hear the final product!”


Those who may already know and follow The Secret Post will assume that this first track from Zach for Carnival Star will simply sound like The Secret Post – it doesn’t. It’s Zach doing what he does best but with Carnival Star steeling the position that Nick, Tim and M usually take.

For now, before the album is complete and still being written and demo’d, the track will remain in the “Vault” locked safely away until release time in the future.

However, before the Carnival Star album gets anywhere near you – you will find plenty of tracks from The Secret Post out there and a new album coming from them very soon and we would suggest that if you aren’t a follower then you need to click some of the links below and find out what made us so excited to have Zach on board.

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