Liquid Grey

In the beginning there was Darkness, not a sound could be heard apart from some demo’s from a previous incarnation from the 80′s and 90′s.

Carnival Star didn’t exist but the seeds were sown by Liquid Grey and with great encouragement the idea was formed and the plans were laid down like a challenge almost.

Without this start, the “Carnival” would never have started and the show would have remained forever in the dark.

Liquid Grey has been a performer, writer and musician for many years and with in his own work and albums there is an underlying love of Dark Rock and the sonic canvass of a true believer. With a history of working with some very influential people including the like of Wayne Hussey (The Mission).

The Norwegian based artist known to his followers as  ”Mr. Grey” is known for his trademark guitar work which is filled with punchy rock solos, swirling flanger arpeggios and driving riffs and also his intimate, low note vocals, intriguing lyrics about alienation, loss and solitude.  Mr. Grey calls it “Minor Key Moodiness”.


“Being a co-producer alongside Mark in this project means that I add some personal touches here and that our joined forces bring an album out that will cater some nice dark flavours for the lovers of all things gothic.

Adding some of my guitars and vocals here and there adds to the whole experience and is fun to do.”

” Carnival Star is a project about collective darkness , naturally I had to be in it…”


Working with Mr. Grey is not just challenging and frustrating as these things always are when one person lives in Scotland and the other in Norway, but it’s great fun too. Just a little correction here and an idea there can really add a punch to a track or even soften it. But ask the man to bring some “dark” to the game and stand by for some evil.

With the track My Coreen, Mr. Grey not only helped produce the song but also added a great guitar solo to the song – and also on Black Rain Down not only does he add solo guitar work but nailed it with a great backing vocal to add to the atmosphere.

Along with the release of the new Liquid Grey album and other releases in 2013 and 2014 Mr. Grey will also have his very own Carnival Star track to add to his work load and his dark hand will most certainly pass over everything that is Carnival Star.

You can find out more about Liquid Grey, the albums and future releases by following the links below.

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