Obviously music is at the heart of everything that Carnival Star does, but equally important is the art we use to illustrate what we are about.

Being introduced to Natassa D. this year was the missing piece in the jigsaw in order to complete the presentation of our music. Without interesting, thought provoking and original artwork that helps surround the music and add a visual edge to what we do then a serious part of the carnival would be missing.

Cover design for “My Coreen” taken from the collection “Distortion”

Cover design for “Black Rain Down” taken from the collection “Distortion”

Natassa brings to the show her own style and presentation and becomes an important player within the carnival, but unlike the rest of us the part she plays is of course visual rather than audible but that makes her no less important than anyone else involved.

You will find Natassa’s work throughout this web site and also on various social posts, but mainly you will find her work attached to every song we do and if you like what you see of her work that she adds to Carnival Star then you should follow the links at the bottom of this page and find out more about her work, history and exhibitions.

“Photography is a way to look around and also inside myself. To speak. My images, clearly photographic or digitally processed play with memory, smirk towards experience and do not answer questions. Not even my own. Otherwise it would be boring. Sometimes the images ask questions.

My main concern is to strip away the typical constituents of the image and produce a new image – opinion. I break and reassemble, to show the fake that surrounds me. By altering an image, I want to change its primary purpose to something entirely different. I “mock” the way I am used to seeing things and accept them as they appear to me. I transform my experience, away from me. Once I succeed it gets interesting.

In my thoughts there are ideas, dreams to interpret, cries, questions. I believe in the very autonomous image. In its power. Titles and terms do not concern me. Experience winks at ignorance. A game.

Natassa D.”


Examples of Natassa’s work.

All future releases from Carnival Star will use artwork from Natassa and you will get access to those images – and tracks – here before anywhere else. If you become a member of our web site then you’ll be kept up to date with activities and you will also gain access to previews and showings before anyone else.

You can find out more about Natassa D. on Facebook:

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