Introducing Natassa D.

Carnival Star is delighted to introduce you to Natassa D. – Natassa is a full member of the carnival and although her contribution cannot be heard on any of the music coming your way her work is just as important.

Based in Greece, Natassa adds a highly visual impact to what we do. We we’re introduced a few months ago thanks to the ever guiding hand of Liquid Grey and it was our great pleasure that Natassa agreed to join the show and add her visuals to help illustrate the music.

There are many people working behind the scenes on the carnival, and not all contributions will be as obvious as the art we use. Some contributions may just be an opinion, an idea, a confirmation or a supporting ear. During the course of the next few weeks, as activity increases, you’ll learn more about who and what is going on and you will see and hear more as well.

The carnival grows and moves forward, and officially welcoming Natassa after all this time is something we’ve been looking forward to doing. We know you’re going to love what she brings.

You’ll find further details on our Artwork Page within the site and you’ll find additions and updates to this area as the carnival moves on.

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